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Nashville Big Build Project
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Location: Nashville, TN
Widow being served: Ms Sharon

In Memory of Ty Osman II

*Ty pictured in red polo

Ty Osman II Big Build

Nashville 2012 Big Build In Honor Of Ty Osman II


​On Saturday, April 14, a team of volunteers worked on a widow's home to raise money for an orphanage in Honduras. It's not too late to donate in memory of "Little Ty."

550 children live and attend school on the Escalon Project Campus in La Entrada, Honduras. 100% of the money you send for our Ty Osman II Big Build Project will provide education, food, housing, and facilities for this orphanage in Honduras. Simply put, your gift directly helps orphans.

Since Ms Sharon's husband and life partner passed away, it has become difficult to keep up with the necessary improvements and repairs to her home. So on April 14, a team of volunteers worked on her home. Think of fundraisers where people participate in a marathon or golf tournament then ask for donations. With this project, instead of playing, we worked on a widow's home. 

A generous donor has agreed to match the amount raised dollar for dollar!

All supplies used to work on the widow’s home are donated and all money you send goes to the orphanage. The matching grant will go to Both Hands administrative costs. The widow benefits, children in this orphanage in Honduras are blessed, and Both Hands can continue its mission to serve widows and orphans. 

Ty Osman II, affectionately known as “Little Ty,” had a true servant’s heart. He brought laughter 
and joy and passionately served others. His father, Ty Osman Sr., is a founding Both Hands (BH)
board member. The two Ty’s have worked side-by-side on BH projects and the family took
annual trips to serve in a Honduran orphanage. This March, Little Ty was tragically struck
and killed by a vehicle while assisting at an accident scene. This annual Nashville Big Build
is lovingly dedicated to our dear friend Ty Osman II.

How can you help? Join the team!
GIVE (financially) –   GET INVOLVED 
(paint, plant, repair)

*All supplies used to work on the nursing home are donated and nothing will be taken out for Both Hands or Lifesong's admin costs. You can make a difference!*

Please note that PayPal charges an administrative fee of 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction. The donation will be decreased by the amount of this fee.​ To avoid this fee, mail checks payable to: Both Hands - write "Preference Nashville Big Build #97100" in the memo line.
​PO Box 2713
Brentwood, TN 37024