Friends Helping Friends

The idea for Both Hands came as the result of a simple letter to a friend asking if he’d sponsor me while I golfed. The funds would go to a wonderful ministry for women in crisis pregnancies. My friend sent my letter back with a handwritten message saying that he’d gladly support my efforts if I was working on a widow’s house instead of playing golf.

For five years that letter stuck with me, until another friend, who was adopting four children from Moldova, expressed his need to raise funds to pay for it. That’s when the idea for Both Hands grew legs. We recruited other friends, found a widow’s house in need of repairs, got local businesses to donate supplies and food, and hundreds of people sent in checks to sponsor the workers that day. It was a day I will never forget! We raised enough money to put a dent in my friend’s adoption expenses, and totally transformed Miss Lucille’s house: Success story numbers one and two!

JT Olson,
Founder of Both Hands

Both Hands Foundation is a 501c3 organization.